We know buying a new vehicle can be a big decision. You want something that will not only match your lifestyle and budget but also provide good fuel economy. We also know that with the advancements in technology that your current ride might not be kind to your finances with either subpar fuel economy or demanding costly repairs, which is why we are willing to make it worth the drive to visit us here at the Chevy Farm.

From Edmonton, we know there is a lot of ground to cover going North and we want to provide you with a reliable Chevrolet dealership you can trust with all of your vehicle purchasing and repair needs. We think it will be an easy choice because here at Wolfe Chevrolet we have committed to earning your business in the following ways:

Discount the Drive

Making the choice to drive 200, 600, or even 1,000 km is a big choice, and we want to pay you for your time. Take a photo of your odometer before you leave, and again once you get to Wolfe Chevrolet in Edmonton, AB, and we will take the difference in your kilometre reading off the price of your vehicle. For instance, if you were to make the 836+ KM drive from Chateh, AB, we will take $836 off the price of your vehicle. Whether you choose to visit us from North, South, East or West, let us pay for your drive*. Did we mention that with the purchase of a new vehicle from Westgate Chevrolet, you will be entered into our semi-monthly accessories draw?


Enjoy Edmonton on Us

If you have been driving all day and just purchased a vehicle, the last thing you want to do is drive all the way home. Enjoy your new vehicle on a good night's sleep with a 2-night stay** at either the Continental Inn or Best Western Plus West Edmonton when you purchase a new vehicle. To ensure we can properly accomadate you, please book your sales appointment ahead of time.


Enviable Accessories

The best accessories aren’t just ones that enhance how you use your vehicle, they are also free. Join us for a Facebook live on the 15th and 30th of each month (will be the following Monday if the 15th or 30th land on a weekend) to see who the winners are of our semi-monthly $500, and $1,000 accessories draw. We’ll give you the budget, you can pick the accessories that work for you. Whether you need a tonneau cover, roof rails or camera enhancements for the Chevrolet Advanced Trailering System available on the Silverado.


Rebuild Your Credit

Here at the Chevy Farm, we also know that the hardest part of purchasing a vehicle can be ensuring you have the credit to do so. We have an expert finance department that is uniquely skilled in helping to rebuild your credit. Their goal is to help make the car of your dreams a reality and can often find solutions to troubled credit to help you build better credit for the future.


Finance Options

If your bank won’t lend to you, The Chevy Farm might still be able to help. Ask us about our money down finance options. With some money down we can often find financing options not available through other avenues.


Serviced Right, Every Time

Whether your heart is set on a used car or a brand new Silverado, your experience with Wolfe Chevrolet doesn’t need to end once you sign the sales papers. With a team of expert technicians uniquely trained in the specifics of your Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Corvette, and Buick vehicle you can trust the team at the Chevry Farm to get you back on the road quickly and keep your vehicle running for hundreds of thousands of kilometres as intended.


Free Oil Changes For Life

Your vehicle is a machine, and the best way to keep it running smoothly is with regular maintenance and oil changes. We are dedicated to making your oil change experience worth the drive to Wolfe Chevrolet. How? By providing your vehicle with free oil changes for the length of ownership***.


*See dealer for details. Offer may be cancelled or changed at any time. Maximum $1,000 discount. **See dealer for complete details. Stay must be arranged by the sales manager. Offer may be changed or cancelled at any time. ***See dealer for details. Offer may be cancelled or changed at any time.

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