Edmonton Undercoat & Rust Proofing Packages

Lets face it, in Canada (more specifically Edmonton) the underside of our cars takes quite a beating. Whether you are headed down a gravel back road to the cabin, or getting a salt sputtered underside in the winter, our cars need all around protection. Thats why Wolfe Collision is proud to offer a full undercoating package! Regardless of the make or model of your car, bring it in and get the peace of mind knowing your car is protected from the elements. We coat every possibly fragile part of your car from oil pan to exhaust, using a high grade undercoating that has proven itself durable in Canadian weather conditions. Wolfe has employed a full-time technician, dedicated to applying your undercoating, insuring you will recieve your undercoating in a timely matter. When you are ready to Canada proof your car, give us a call or book online with the form below!

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