Whether you have been towing for years or are just starting to think about towing, trust Westgate Chevrolet as your source for Chevrolet towing information. We offer a wide selection of capable suvs and trucks that can accomodate your trailering needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff can work with you to ensure you have the right vehicle for not only your daily life but also your extracurricular activities. Whether you tow once in a while, or every day, it is important to ensure your vehicle is properly equipped to ensure your and other drivers' safety. Check out our video above to learn more about towing, payload, and the features Chevrolet offers to make towing easier.


A common term used when it comes to towing, payload refers to how much weight your vehicle can hold. In a truck this would be in both the vehicle bed and the cab. If you are putting something on the roof, don't forget to include this when calculating whether you vehicle has enough payload for how you are using it. Many things can effect your vehicle's payload including configuration from factory, and optional accessories. The GM vehciles have a sticker that makes it easy to find the payload of your vehicle, or you could use the following equation:

Gross vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)or Curb Weight = Payload


Towing capacity refers to how much you can take with you behind your vehicle. While the tongue weight of the trailer would be subtracted from your payload, the weight of the trailer and everything in it would be used to determine whether your vehicle has enough towing capacity. GM, again, makes it easy to find your towing capacity including your conventional tow weight rating, max tongue weight, and gooseneck tow weight rating.

Factors Affecting Towing & Payload

There are a few different factors will affect towing and payload. From engine and transmission to accessories and added options as well as max towing packages there is only one guarenteed way to determine your towing and payload. While the guide below can give you a general idea, using the little sticker inside your vehicle's door that is VIN specific will give you an accurate guide as to your vehicle's payload.

Tech that makes towing easy

Once you know what your vehicle is rated for, it is time to start towing! Chevrolet offers a series of features that make towing easier and provide increased safety, visibility, and accessibility. These features may be standard, optional, or unavailable depending on the vehcile and trim level.

Hitch Guidance

Easily line up your vehicle and trailer with hitch guidance. The line appears on your backup camera and makes it simple to line up the hitch and the trailer with just one person.

Transparent Trailer

With the Advanced Trailering system, you can see what you need to when you need to. By using additional cameras, it is possible to get a transparent trailer view that shows you what is behind your trailer. This view is available even when driving through the camera menu option.

Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor

Tires are the only contact your trailer has with the ground. Just as it is critical to have the right tires that are properly inflated on your vehicle, it is important to have the tires on your trailer properly inflated too. The trailer tire pressure monitor allows you to keep an eye on your trailer's tire pressure while you are on the road.

Trailer Brake Controller

If your trailer is more than 2,000 lbs, or if it is more than half of the weight of the vehicle towing it, your trailer requires brakes. An integrated trailer brake controller seemlessly fits into the design of your vehicle and puts controlling the trailer's braking right at your fingertips.

Any Questions?

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